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Our Speakers

Jose Aristimuño

Instagram: @josearistimuno

Jose Aristimuño is the CEO of VIP Media, a hybrid PR agency. Jose is one the top experts on PR, branding, and digital marketing.

David Meltzer

Instagram: @davidmeltzer

David Meltzer is a Speaker, Author, Former Sports Executive.

Tim Storey

Instagram: @timstoreyofficial

Tim Storey is an Acclaimed Author, Speaker and Life Coach.

Heather Monahan

Instagram: @heathermonahan

Heather Monahan is a Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur and Former C-Suite Executive

Erika Garcia 

Instagram: @erikacancun

Erika Garcia is the CEO & Founder, Neochange Solutions Consultant.

Chris Van Vliet

Instagram: @chrisvanvliet

Chris Van Vliet is a 4 times Emmy Winning TV Host, Successful Entrepreneur and Youtuber.

Claudienne Hibbert

Instagram: @claudiennehibbert

Claudienne Hibbert is the Premier Founder of Hibbert Group Real Estate Group.

Mike Ashabi

Instagram: @mikeashabi

Mike Ashabi is the CEO & Founder of True Life Ventures. He is a life coach & also a business consultant.

Adam Jablin

Instagram: @adamjablin

Adam Jablin is a highly sought-after performance and life coach, Recovery Mentor, corporate consultant, and keynote speaker.

Lisa Collum

Instagram: @lisacollumceo

Lisa Collum is a mom of 4, the Author & CEO of Top Score Writing, Inc. and the Owner of Coastal Middle and High School.

Seth Kniep

Instagram: @sethkniep

Seth is the CEO of Just One Dime, Host of the JODcast and an Amazon FBA Guru.

Alejandra Alvarado

Instagram: @invierteconalejandra

Alejandra is a successful businesswoman and  real estate broker. She's CEO of Kamehameha Realty, Management and Investments.

Heinz Kaegi

Instagram: @mentorheinzkaegi

Heinz Swiss Top Executive Mentor, Speaker, and Founder of LEX Leadershift.

Jayce Grayye

Instagram: @jaycegrayye

Jayce helps businesses recruit top talents worldwide. He is the Founder and CEO of Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting.

Ibrahim Gonzalez

Instagram: @ibrahim_gm

Ibrahim Gonzalez is the CEO & Co-Founder,

Charles Truvillion

Instagram: @thecreditchef

Charles AKA The Credit Chef ®️ credit guru

Anthony Gomez

Instagram: @iamthe.c.e.o

Anthony is the CEO of Help 4ur Business.

Andy Audate

Instagram: @andyaudate

Andy is Business Marketing Expert President/Founder of Audate Media. 

Peter Lopez

Instagram: @xplopezjr

Peter is the CEO Publify Press & Founder of NFT PUBI.

Benny Salas

Instagram: @thatcoachingguy

Benny is a Motivational Speaker, ICF Executive Coach & Speaker Coach.

Ava Johanna

Instagram: @avajohanna

Ava is an entrepreneur & renowned meditation teacher.

Brandon Young

Instagram: @_byoung

Brandon is the CEO Young Management & Consulting Agency.

Jorge Medina

Instagram: @iamjorgemedina

Jorge is the CEO of Agol Worldwide

Bruce Moncada

Instagram: @shopyahaira

Bruce is a Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of Shop Yahaira

Jado Hark

Instagram: @iknowjado

Jado is a Real Estate Mogul & Entrepreneur



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WHY attend The VIP Mastermind?

From the desk of Jose Aristimuno:

I can remember attending dozens of events and conferences myself... because like you, I'm committed to always leveling up, finding new ways to grow and contribute more.

Yet after attending some events I always felt like they never had the balance between how to market your personal brand or business, how to make money, and how to have the right mindset to be happy in the process. 
So I decided to create my own event focused on those key areas: Marketing, Money, and Mindset! 

The VIP Mastermind is the conference for entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to discover how to market both their brand and business, make money, and have the right mindset to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. 

The VIP Mastermind is more than just an experiential learning event with A-list speakers.

Choosing to attend The VIP Mastermind is a smart choice, that shows your commitment to being the best version of yourself and to making an impact in the world that goes beyond yourself.

So many people talk about how you can make more money but don't talk enough about how you can make a real difference. My belief is there should be balance between the two.

When there is balance between money and contribution, you'll have more fulfillment.

Because we can both agree that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. 

You can make money, market your brand, and be happy all at the same time.

The VIP Mastermind shows you the path from dozens of successful entrepreneurs who are already successful in their own way to inspire you and show you it's possible and simple steps to follow so you can achieve your biggest goals.

You're going to leave with more confidence than you've ever had before because you can know with certainty that you're following a proven process that works.

Because it's not a process some fake guru taught you. It's a proven way to grow your income, impact all while creating the next best version of yourself and your legacy!

The VIP Mastermind will teach you the systems and strategies that have been refined and proven to work by dozens of successful people, men and women across all different industries...

So you can have more financial abundance, more freedom, and more security.

Which is more important than ever now because...

The World Has Changed And You Need To Adapt

Right now we are living through one of the greatest times in history...

Because there's never been MORE OPPORTUNITY to become financially free. 
However, there's also more uncertainty than ever before. Which means that your success can't be left to chance.

You need to step up, take action, and take control of your life. There's no better way to do that, then by investing in yourself and learning from people who have already paved the way.

If you're serious about taking control of your brand, learn proven ways to make money, and having the right mindset to achieve anything you want in life (and be happy in the process), then get your tickets right now.


And Why You'll LOVE Attending VIP Mastermind 2021


We bring in the top names and smartest entrepreneur minds to teach you real-world business growth strategies that will help you and guide on ways on how to make more money.


No personal brand or service can survive with a solid marketing strategy. We are bringing the top marketing experts to teach you about the latest marketing, branding, and PR Trends in the industry.


What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. The power of mindset is one of the most important tools in order to succeed both mentally and 


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